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Tim Cox
Tim CoxChief Instructor
Tim Cox is the Chief Flying Instructor and has been flying Hang Gliders since the mid-eighties, and Paragliders since their conception in the late eighties. Tim has possibly taught more people to fly than any other person in the country and has won many awards including the Royal Aero club Ann Welch award. Tim is not only a keen hang glider, paraglider and microlight pilot, but is also a passionate sailor and is often out on his (home-made) wooden Catamaran.
Jess Cox
Jess CoxSenior Instructor
Jess has been flying since she was a nipper! Taught by her father Tim Cox and the Fly Sussex family Jess is now an accomplished pilot who takes part in competitions and cross country flying all over the world. Jess is a keen paramotorist and burgeoning acro pilot. She has a great teaching manner and not a bad bone in her body, everybody loves Jess!

Work Less - Fly More!

Our Instructors will give their all to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience during your Paragliding course. Between them they have many years experience, and an unsurpassed knowledge of local flying & meteorological conditions to ensure you get the most from the day. With a variety of complementary styles, our expert instructors will aim to maximise your learning potential for free flying, in an environment that is as fun and safe as possible.

Have a fantastic time, and give your Paragliding career the best possible start by learning with Fly Sussex Paragliding.

Fly with us
Tim Digings
Tim DigingsSenior Instructor
Aka Scrappy! Tim is a senior instructor with over a decade of experience. Tim will always go the extra mile to explain and help students. His expertise and energy for paragliding is contagious and his theory lectures are legendary!
Graham Grant
Graham GrantSenior Instructor
Graham has been flying gliders since he was 13. Now obsessed with paragliding he loves nothing more than tumbling through the sky on his acro wing. Graham has travelled all over Europe and Latin America with his paraglider on his back.
Jenni Fleming
Jenni Fleming Senior Instructor
Jenni is a passionate cross country pilot whos love for travel has taken her across Europe, Nepal, Guatemala, Puru, Argentina, Colombia, Chilli and New Zealand. Jenni is the organiser behind many Fly Sussex paragliding trips.
Zoe Hitchcock
Zoe Hitchcock Instructor
Zoe is a naturally talented pilot and has been flying Hang Gliders & Paragliders for 16 years. Having flown in many countries, she is happiest when out on the Sussex hills. Zoe has a degree in physics from Oxford University, our theory mastermind!
Richard Naylor
Richard NaylorInstructor
Rich loves nothing more than paragliding, he even got married on the take off in the Alps and flew down with his bride after the ceremony. Rich has been flying for over 10 years and is a keen Alpine flyer.
Ylva Alexandersson
Ylva AlexanderssonInstructor
Pronounced [Ill-va] joined our team in 2016 after learning to fly with us in 2015. Ylva is a talented natural pilot who progressed through the club pilot course with such ease and enthusiasm it was clear from the start that we needed her as part of our team. Ylva is also a yoga instructor is usually joined on the hill by her dog Baxter.
Martin Long
Martin LongInstructor
Martin is a top level competition pilot with many trophies on display at the Fly Sussex HQ. Martin spent the summer of 2017 competing around Europe, winning the Ozone Chamber open, Gin wide open and Fly Further open. He also came 4th in the UK round of the British championships. Martin’s technical skills, analytical mindset and enthusiasm for the sport makes him a fantastic instructor.
Dan Horeman
Dan HoremanTrainee Instructor
Dan is a paragliding fanatic with a particular passion for acrobatic flying and travel. Dan loves nothing more than being upside down and spinning around at full speed. On the ground as an instructor Dan is cool, calm and collected.
Tiger Cox
Tiger CoxTrainee Instructor
Tiger is the youngest member of our team. A passionate outdoor enthusiast, Tiger was initially weary of soaring through sky under a piece of material, but it didn’t take long before he was swept along with the family flying frenzy! As a pack of lions teaches a cub to hunt so the Fly Sussex team, including his sister Jess and father Tim, taught Tiger the art of paragliding. In turn, Tiger taught his pet Falcon ‘Safire’ to paraglide. She’s been soaring with us all summer and now she can fly with you too!
Des Trainee Instructor
Des is one of the keenest and most friendly pilots you’ll meet. His patient and relaxed teaching style ensures a fun time out on the hill. When he’s not teaching paragliding Des loves to travel all round Europe flying cross country in the mountains and learning acrobatics.
Rob Houghton
Rob HoughtonTrainee Instructor
Rob is our mountain goat, a highly focused runner and hike & fly pilot. His passion for outdoor adventure has led him to the extreme, seeing him complete an epic 38 hour 100 mile marathon in the Alps.
Rob loves flying his lightweight kit with his son Tristan who also learned with Fly Sussex in 2016.
Simon Underwood
Simon UnderwoodTrainee Instructor
Simon is our resident French speaker who divides his time between France and the UK. Simon originally came from a skydiving background with over a thousand freefall jumps under his belt. A keen mountaineer, he spent his previous career in the Military working with Search and Rescue Teams before learning to fly. Simon has a patient, thorough and encouraging style of instruction and is passionate about sharing his love of flying when teaching beginners to paraglide.
GeorgeanaOffice Manager
Georgeana is our office manager and is the brains of the outfit! She keeps all our customers happy and runs our website. Georgie also flies and has so far got her elementary pilot. We love you Georgie!

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