Advance Comfortpack 2

The hugely popular Advance comfortpack 2 rucksack is designed for maximum comfort when hiking up to launch. The compact design, weight and build quality makes the advance comfortpack 2 a must have state of the art paragliding rucksack.

The narrow and compact shape of this advance rucksack means that the weight of your paragliding gear is carried perfectly on your back.

Your choice of harness significantly affects the choice of rucksack size. The pilot can decide whether he would rather have a compact rucksack which is very comfortable to carry, or a bigger rucksack with a lot of space for easy packing.


  • 100 L = 1.10 kg
  • 115 L  = 1.15 kg
  • 130 L = 1.20 kg
  • 145 L = 1.25 kg