Advance Iota 2


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Advance Iota 2

The Advance Iota 2 is a high-level EN B paraglider designed for ambitious cross country pilots.

The two most important ingredients for kilometer-munchers? Effective performance in all conditions, and relaxed piloting! The new IOTA 2 comes out at the end of this year. With the same piloting level as the IOTA, but now in five sizes with Seamless Weight Ranges.


Balanced power

With 59 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 5.6 the IOTA 2 is unmistakably an IOTA. The performance boosting technologies of extensive SIGMA 10 development have been merged with the high safety requirements of an EN/LTF-B wing.

Mini-Ribs, C-Wires, fewer line support points and lines, and Sliced Diagonals: as well as these high-tech technologies the IOTA 2 is exceptionally pitch and directionally stable in bumpy air, and has unmis­takably good into wind performance. Now in five sizes with Seamless Weight Ranges.


Technical Data

Iota 2 tech


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