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Advance Omikron – Acro Wing

Do you know how to do acro? We do! The OMIKRON combines high level, balanced dynamics with uncomplicated handling, and was developed by accomplished acro pilots (e.g. Christian Proschek and Michael Maurer) for acrobats and professionals. The OMIKRON has plenty of steam if you ask for it, but excess energy can always be effectively reined in with the brakes.

  • Power you can feel

    The OMIKRON has pronounced high dynamic potential, but this is relatively straightforward to deal with. This appeals especially to competition pilots, and anyone else who likes this quality. The glide performance of this small powerpack is also very gratifying. Granted, this not does play a major part in competition acro scoring, but it’s an advantage (and a great feeling) to enter the box high and fast …

  • Manoeuvres it likes

    Infinity and Helicopter: The wing motion is very harmonic and pliable in the Infinity, and the g-load spikes surprisingly low. The wing does not flap a lot, and the OMIKRON keeps itself in the vertical plane for longer – the pilot has less correcting to do. In the Helicopter the rotation speed can be very efficiently adjusted by  inside brake. The canopy helps to damp out oscillation by itself.

  • Materials that do this

In terms of design and materials the OMIKRON is exceptionally robust and long-lived. This  Infinity Machine has only three cross ports per rib. Besides that the diagonals are not split in this wing. Outer surfaces use 38 Skytex cloth, inside there’s 40 Hardfinish. Base lines withstand 24 g; the top level lines are good for all of 52 g.







What does the OMIKRON require of its pilot?

The OMIKRON is a thoroughbred Acro Wing and is intended for experienced acro pilots who require performance and results, (Competition-/Pros etc.). To fly an OMIKRON safely it is essential that the pilot is already competent in the following manoeuvres: Fullstall, Parachutal flight, Flyback, Helicopter and SAT.

Can I fly the OMIKRON with free brakes?

Yes. The OMIKRON is delivered with brake lines through the rings that are attached to all ADVANCE risers, but for those who prefer free brakes the OMIKRON brake line loop/handle connection on the risers is fastened by elastic band, and can be easily removed. It will not then interfere with free brake handling in flight.

Can I fly the OMIKRON in thermals?

Although the OMIKRON is a pure acro wing it climbs surprisingly well for its small area, and can fly small circles. Even so, when circling in a thermal you should avoid using too much bank.

Is the OMIKRON approved for winching?

Yes, provided all the following are observed: the pilot must have had winch training, the winch must be licensed for towing gliders and the winch operator must have been trained in glider winching.

Which certification does the OMIKRON have?

 The OMIKRON has passed the EN-926-1 load test (and could not be destroyed in the process).

Why does the OMIKRON need a check every 150 flights or each year?

We have set these more stringent check requirements for our acro wing because of the considerably higher loadings it will frequently experience, compared to our other paraglider models. This policy mainly means more safety for you.


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