Advance PI 2


Enjoy the freedom and versatility – in the air and on the ground. The new Advance PI 2 is one of the lightest small-packed-volume serial wings on the market and, with the choice of four sizes – each with three weight ranges – is also one of the most versatile paragliders available today. Equally at home in thermals, for Hike & Fly or as a miniwing: with the new PI 2 it’s you who decides.

Advance PI 2 – One wing, many uses

The Advance PI 2 comes in four sizes – 16, 19, 23 and 27. Each size features three different takeoff weight (weight range) subdivisions, and the resulting variety of wing loadings call for different piloting styles and levels.

Advance PI 216192327
Number of cells39393939
Number of risers3333
Flat surfacem216.
Projected surfacem214.016.720.123.6
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Projected spanm7.
Glider weight with standard riserskg2.202.502.903.25
Glider weight with light riserskg2.052.352.753.10
Recommended takeoff weightkg50-9050-7565-9575-105
Increased takeoff weightkg75-9595-110105-120
Accelerator travel max.cm10.
Certification Recommended takeoff weightCBAA
Certification increased takeoff weightCBB


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