New Advance Progress 2 – Large

New Advance Progress 2 – Large

£785.00 £670.00

The Advance Progress 2 is one of our best selling reversible harness and bag combinations. The main differentiating features are no seat plate, highly comfortable rucksack and easy connect hang points. If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to contact the Fly Sussex team or pop into our shop for a harness fitting session.

The Advance Progress 2 is the first reversible harness without compromises. It is extremely light (3.2 kg, S size) and has both built-in reserve system and certified airbag. Unique for the Advance Progress 2 are feedback damping in the air and freedom of movement on the ground. All in all, this product is the compact, all-round solution for the recreational pilot.

Innovative leg pads extend the 3D-shaped seat surface and effectively absorb turbulence, giving the pilot a comfortable and quiet ride. The level of damping can be adjusted in flight at any time – as the conditions require. The ergonomic seat surface is exceptionally comfortable and conveys (the required) wing feedback direct to the body.

Advance Progress 2 Weight:

Weighing only 3.2 kg (S size) the PROGRESS 2 is the lightest reversible harness to have integrated reserve and airbag. As a compact rucksack it has a robust outer shell. Aerating mesh at your back adds to carrying comfort. A new and included inner compression bag makes it easy to achieve a compactly packed wing.

Advance Progress 2 Comfort:

As a harness the PROGRESS 2 is just as comfortable and easy to deal with on the ground, due in part to the flexible seat surface and a reserve stowage near the body’s centre of gravity. This results in a previously-un-thought-of freedom of movement, and harness geometry also makes it easy to slide back into the harness after takeoff.

Which pilots is the PROGRESS 2 suitable for?

The PROGRESS 2 is suitable for beginners and leisure pilots who are looking for compact and light equipment for all-round use. The PROGRESS 2 is also ideal for travel or Hike & Fly.

Why was the PROGRESS 2 designed without a seatboard?

The ergonomically shaped seat area fits the body shape perfectly. Pressure points are thus eliminated and sitting comfort raised. In addition, freedom of movement on the ground is considerably improved – when you run there is no seatboard knocking on the backs of your knees. And, not least, no seatboard is one reason for the low weight of around 3.5 kg – rucksack included!

Where are the ADVANCE 3D design advantages?

The PROGRESS 2 was developed using ADVANCE’s own 3D CAD software. The complex curved shapes of the many components could be analysed, processed and reduced by this software. This produces a comprehensive sequence of real advantages for the pilot. From the engineering point of view the harness benefits from perfect tailoring and calculated stressing, and these contribute to an elegant silhouette, fewer creases and, ultimately, improved aerodynamics (less drag). On the personal front precise implementation of the desired ergonomic shape improves comfort.

Advance Progress 2 Technical details:
    Pilot heightcm155 – 172165 – 187175 – 202
    Seating widthcmN.A. *N.A. *N.A. *
    Seating depthcmN.A. *N.A. *N.A. *
    Carabiner heightcmca. 43*ca. 46*ca. 48*
    Carabiner distancecm45-4947-5149-53
    Rucksack volumelt70.075.087.5
    Load testEN 1651, 120 kg
    Airbag certificationLTF 91/09
    ColoursHarnessblack / redblack/ maize
    Rucksackanthrazit /redchocolate / maize


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