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The Advance Sigma 10 continues the story of the legendary SIGMA Series. With an aspect ratio of 6.16 and 66 cells the ADVANCE XC flagship is positioned at the centre of the EN/LTF C class. The high-tech sportster combines outstanding performance with sporty dynamic and distinguished colours. The best starting point for epic cross country experiences.



Performance benchmark for Sport Class 

  • The profile of the SIGMA 10 is based on a new technological platform, which completely frees it from its predecessor. One result is an immense leap in performance. The XC Sportster is not only fast; it can also make the most of en-route climbs. Its balanced pitch behaviour, directional stability and good absorption of turbulence even improve its performance in bumpy air.

    The new Sportiness

    The SIGMA 10 delights with its pleasantly spirited handling which allows the pilot to feel the sportiness of the wing. The canopy eagerly grasps a thermal, and the smallest steering input is answered directly and precisely. This playful but effective handling not only allows long distances to be flown without tiredness, but is also your guarantee of much flying fun.


    The Most Modern Features

    The SIGMA 10 includes the very latest performance-enhancing state-of-the-art technologies. Tension and weight optimised Sliced Diagonals ensure perfect load distribution inside the wing, the Advanced Air Scoop for well-mannered stall behaviour, C-Wires for maximal profile shape stability and Miniribs for a clean trailing edge.


    Technical Data Advance Sigma 10

    SIGMA 102123252729
    Flat surfacem22122.924.526.428.4
    Projected surfacem21819.62122.624.3
    Ideal weight rangekg65 – 7575 – 8585 – 9797 – 110110 – 125
    Certified takeoff weightkg60 – 7770 – 8880 – 10092 – 114105 – 128
    Glider weightkg4.454.754.855.155.45
    Projected spanm9.109.509.8010.2010.60
    Aspect ratio6.
    Projected aspect ratio4.
    Number of cells6666666666
    Number of risers33333
    Accelerator travel max.cm1112161718
    CertificationEN / LTF D*EN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF C

    *) D only in the spiral, other manoeuvres EN / LTF C and lower.



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