BGD Base size Small (60-80kg) EN-B

///BGD Base size Small (60-80kg) EN-B

BGD Base size Small (60-80kg) EN-B


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Out of stock

BGD Base size Small (60-80kg) EN-B

For sale we have a BGD Base size Small (60-80kg) EN-B, in good condition. The glider has been well used and has a quite a few patches but is still in good condition. The glider comes with a full report stating the porosity and lines are good.


  • Manufacture year: 2015
  • Colour: Yellow/Green/Blue/Orange
  • Condition: Good

Suitable for

This wing is a mid EN-B wing, meaning it is a beginner/intermediate wing. It is not suitable as a first wing, but great as a second wing once you want to start thinking more about thermalling and going on XC-flights.

BGD describes their wing


Quixada, Pokhara, Manilla, Piedrahita, Fiesch, Annecy, Govenador Valadares, Owens Valley, St. Andre-les-Alps… Are you constantly thinking of flying big sites? The BASE was designed to take you there. It will look after you as you push yourself to places you have never been, it will react the way you have always expected and it will perform really, really well. So, put on your speed arms, charge your batteries, and be the first to base with the BASE!


How can a few lines and some cloth be put together in a way that will fly us hundreds miles? For years we have been trying to build the perfect combination of these materials in an effort to fly further. Every year records are broken so we are definitely doing something right. We have gone through a lot of line and cloth to find our perfect combination in the BASE.
Bruce put his ‘all’ into this high performing EN/LTF-B rated paraglider. The BASE carefully treads that thin line of maximum safety and impressive performance. Bruce Goldsmith Handling, a unique nose design and Cord Cut Billow all make the BASE into a great package of stability and performance.




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