BHPA Pilot Handbook – Edition 3

///BHPA Pilot Handbook – Edition 3

BHPA Pilot Handbook – Edition 3


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BHPA Pilot Handbook

Edition 3 – By Mark Dale

The BHPA Pilot Handbook is the ulitmate pilot manual for all paraglider and hang glider pilots.

The hand book is written by BHPA Technical Manager Mark Dale. It should be carefully studied by all qualified Club Pilots!

The BHPA Pilot Handbook includes

  • Everything you need to know to study for your Pilot or Advanced Pilot rating.
  • Basic and advanced paragliding techniques.
  • Flight theory.
  • Air law and collision avoidance.
  • Your equipment including safety equipment.
  • Dealing with emergencies.
  • Weather.
  • Ways to improve your flying.
  • specialist ‘how-to’ and background studies that any Paragliding or Hang Gliding pilot will require from Club Pilot training onwards.

Every paraglider, hang glider and paramotor pilot should study this book!

Important – this is not an instructional manual. Anyone wanting to paraglide should get proper training from a certified BHPA school.


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