Brauniger IQ1


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Brauniger IQ1

Used condition. Scratch on the screen (See Images)


Designed to perfectly meet the needs of all paraglider and hang glider pilots, from beginners to the highly experienced.

The new IQ instruments are even easier to handle, and packed with functions for performance minded pilots.

Brauniger IQ-One > Features

  • Stylish titanium-metallic ABS case, larger display, “soft touch” case grip, large keys.
  • New high precision vario digital technology with variable response and excellent audio presence due to our new ‘SMARTFILTER’ technology.
  • Over 250 hours battery life (alkaline cells), 20 years stand by mode, displaying time even when switched off.
  • All functions programmable.
  • Flight Memory – up to 40 flights, records all peak flight values.
  • Connection for an optional speed probe.

Brauniger IQ-One > Technical Data

Here is the technical data for the Brauniger IQ-One…

Brauniger IQ-One > Variometer

  • Range: +/- 10 m/s analogue; +/- 96 m/s digital.
  • Resolution: 0,3 m/s analogue; +/- 0,1 m/s digital.
  • Audio: ASI, volume adjustable in 6 steps.

Brauniger IQ-One > Altimeter

  • Range: up to 11,500 m.
  • Display: 5 digits
  • Resolution: 1 m
  • QNH: adjustable in hPa.

Brauniger IQ-One > Time

  • Real time clock: 24 hour mode
  • Flight time: hours / min.

Brauniger IQ-One > Memo function

  • Peak values for the last 40 flights e.g. time, height, climb rate, sink rate and date.

Brauniger IQ-One > Temperature

  • Display: digital, resolution 1°C.

Brauniger IQ-One > Speed

  • Optional speed probe S2 (HG) or S3 PG, range up to 130 km/h with 1 km/h resolution.

Brauniger IQ-One > General information

  • Power supply: 2 x 1,5 V batteries size AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMh
  • Dimensions: 138 x 74 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 182 grams incl. batteries, without clamp


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