Bruce Goldsmith Epic

Bruce Goldsmith Epic


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BGD Epic

The BGD Epic is a great wing for new pilots starting to thermal or more experienced pilots who still wants that passive safety. The Epic is designed to safely make you more comfortable as you start venturing off into the unknown. 

Designed to satisfy your uncontrollable urge for flying, the Epic is an intuitive, safe and graphically appealing paraglider. Bruce has packed lots of high-tech design solutions into the Epic so you can enjoy your journey at your own pace. Designed for peace of mind no matter what you meet on your journey, she will reassure while you slay that flaming dragon thermal, and see you safely past the snaking valley breeze. A shark nose, mini-ribs, light and efficient speed bar, elliptical tips and a safe but sharp brake range work together for optimal safety, handling, and performance. The Epic will give you the confidence to make your journey over the highest mountains, across the deepest valleys and to the ends of the earth and back.

The BGD Adam comes in 5 sizes and 3 colours

Linear scaling factor0.961.
Projected area17.8619.5621.2422.8124.54
Flat area21.0023.0024.9726.8328.85
Glider weight4.
Total line length210230250268289m
Number of main lines3/3/4A/B/C
Flat aspect ratio5.01
Projected aspect ratio3.602
Root cord2.582.702.812.913.02m
Flat span10.2610.7311.1811.5912.02m
Projected span8.028.398.759.079.40m
In-flight weight range50-6560-8075-9590-110105-125kg
Trim speed38km/h
Top speed50km/h
Min sink1.0m/sec
Best glide9


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