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Gin Basis

The GIN Basis is the most compact paragliding harness in the GIN range, with seat plate, back protection and rescue container.

Suitable for students, beginners and also experienced pilots looking for a simple, comfortable and light harness with back protection for a reasonable price.

Featuring GIN comfort and piloting precision, the BASIS is available either with bottom rescue container (RC model) or without container (with both options, rescue risers are supplied and ready to use).


< 175cm170-185cm> 180cm

The height information in the table is for reference only.





> 3 click buckles with T-lock safety system

> 2 versions available: with under-seat rescue container, or without rescue container (connection ready for a front rescue container)

> 1 large back pocket with radio and Camelbak holder

> Optional 17cm GinSoft III back protection and side protection

> Optional light carbon seat plate (save up to 400g)



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