Gin Combi Outer Container

Gin Combi Outer Container


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Gin Combi Outer Container

The Gin Combi outer container is an outer rescue container combined with flight deck. It is adjustable for easy viewing of instruments. Innovative rescue handle of the Gin Combi allows you to deploy your reserve easily with either hand in case of an emergency.

Gin Combi Outer Container Features:

  • Adjustable instrument panel so you can see your instruments easily.
  • Rescue handle design allows easy deployment with either hand.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install on most harnesses
  • Colour: black & lime
  • Sizes: S and M
  • Weight: 400g (M size)

Now available in two sizes, to fit most sizes of rescue parachutes.

The small size will fit the Yeti reserve  27, 35 or 40.

The medium size will fit the Yeti 50, and both One G 38 and 42.


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