Gin Fast packing stuff sack

Gin Fast packing stuff sack


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Gin fast packing stuff sack

Fast packing stuff sack for convenient and easy packing of your paraglider or paramotor wing

The Gin Gliders fast packing stuff bag is designed for convenient and easy packing of glider and harness, large enough for tandem equipment. The gin stuff sack can be used for a paragliding wing or paramotoring wing. This stuff sack has two shoulder straps for easy carrying, so you’ll be back at the top of the hill in no time. And if your glider gets damp on the grass, it’s loosely packed so it can dry more easily.

Gin also does a lightweight version of this bag.

Matt Warren strongly recommends them: “This bag is great! It removes so much of the faff, especially on trips! It also makes repeated top to bottoms on dead days much more agreeable. It removes just a little of the ‘I won’t go because I’ll have to pack up’ thing. I’d say it’s particularly useful for new Cps who will be doing a fair bit of up and down.”


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