Gin Verso 2 size Medium

//Gin Verso 2 size Medium

Gin Verso 2 size Medium

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Gin Verso 2 size Medium

For sale we have a Gin Verso 2 size Medium in very good condition. The harness have one little grass stain where the reserve handle is (see picture), apart from that the harness look brand new with almost no signs of wear and tear.

  • Lightweight
  • Reversible
  • Carbon seat plate
  • Airbag
  • Speed bar
  • Stirrup
  • Manufacture year: 2015

Suitable for

The Gin Verso 2 is a great all round harness that will suit most people. It is one of our best selling harness to our new students and for anyone who wants a light and snug harness without compromising on safety. The harness reverses in to a snug rucksack that will fit your glider, helmet and maybe even some clothes. The reversed rucksack is comfortable to carry which makes it the perfect companion if you need to walk to your flying sites.

Size guide

< 165cm160-175 cm170-185cm> 180cm> 185 cm

The height information in the table is for guidance only.

Harness weight


Technical features: harness

  • Airbag pre-inflation system
    • A pre-inflation system with surgical-grade titanium wire ensures that the airbag is at least partially inflated at all times, even during reverse take-offs. The airbag protection extends the entire length of the back and advanced value system minimizes the leakage of air once the airbag is inflated
  • Upgraded underseat rescue container
    • Following extensive testing, we have reshaped the rescue container to allow easier deployment, particularly under high G forces. The redesigned rescue handle is easier to reach at all times.
  • Adjustable volume of rescue container
  • Optional footstrap with automatic release system
    • The automatic release system releases the footbar when the rescue is deployed, to prevent any possible interference.
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Camelback pocket and routing
  • Lightweight buckles with T-lock safety system
  • Carbon plate (sizes: S: 290mm W by 360mm D; M: 320mm W by 380mm D; L: 340mm W by 400mm D)
  • Lightweight 25mm and 30mm Dyneema webbing used throughout for added strength
  • Delivered with rescue bridles and 30mm carabiners

Technical features: rucksack

  • 95L capacity (L size) offers convenient storage for a standard paraglider whilst retaining a compact, ergonomic shape
  • Side neoprene pocket, zippered mesh pocket and top pocket
  • Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system
  • Walking pole holders
  • Removable 12L top cover provides extra storage e.g. for a helmet


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