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Independence Annular Evo Reserve

The Independence Annular Evo reserve parachute was developed to reduce the weight and improve the opening times compared to traditional reserve parachutes.

For a long time the name Annular has been a synonym for quality, reliability and many successful openings of a rescue-parchute. With this reserve, Independence have reduced the weight and improved the opening times compared to traditional annular reserves.

Key features of the Independence Annular Evo:

  • Extremely high quality standards in production and choice of materials.
  • Tried and tested annular technology.
  • Low sink rates.
  • Low oscillation-tendency.
  • Low weight of the parachute, using light and high-strength materials.
  • Ram-Air-Pockets: For the fastest and safest opening possible with round-canopies!
  • New inner container-technology for a fast and defined opening.
  • Orange signal colour.
  • Certified according to LTF 35/03 (German type approval) and EN 12491 (European standard).

Independence Annular Evo Weight Reduction:

By intense developmental work, especially in materials development, Independence were able to reduce the weight of the parachutes. The light and high-strength fabrics and lines used for the Annular EVO, enables a weight reduction of 30% compared with the classic version of the Annular rescue-parachute.

Ram-Air Pockets:

The Independence Annular classic and Annular EVO have opening-accelerating “Ram-Air Pockets” as a standard feature now.

The Ram-Air Pockets are two small parabolic-shaped pockets. These are sewn on two opposing segments of the parachute’s base at the outer edge. During the ‘elongation-phase’ of the rescue-parachute opening (especially at low speeds), these pockets have a very positive influence on the opening behaviour of the rescue-parachute.

These pockets get filled with air fast and easily (due to their position, shape and small volume), no matter which angle the air is flowing. The induced drag at the rescue-canopy’s outer side makes the opening of the parachute’s base faster, which makes it easier for the air to flow inside.

Because of this, the complete opening sequence of the parachute will happen much faster, this is essential in an emergency deployment, especially if flying at low level.

New inner container system:

The new designed inner container of the Annular EVO enables an extreme fast opening! The drogue-parachute is released shortly after the throw of the rescue-parachute package to speed up opening.


Rescue system surface m² max. towed load at sinkrate of 5,5 m/s (acc. EN) weight of the parachute
Annular20 EVO 32 100kg 1,55kg
Annular22 EVO 36 130kg 1,8kg
Annular24 EVO 40 160kg 2,0kg
Annular30 EVO (Tandem) 65 230kg 3,1kg

Reserve parachute advice

To make a reserve parachute work without problems you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The fitting of the harness has to be done according to the harness’ operating instructions. Even better – leave it to the profesionals.
  • For it to open reliably, perfect and regular packing is essential. To assure this it is important to air and repack the reserve every 12 months. If the reserve is damp you must air and repack it as the material may “stick“.
  • After test and emergency openings, mechanical damage or after 2 years a thorough check must be made. Even used correctly the material can be prone to damage. During this check the material is put on a light table – even the tiniest irregularities are found.
  • Packing yourself: please only pack the reserve yourself, if you really know how to! We often get “self packed“ reserves that would never have opened up in an emergency.
  • If you pack the reserve yourself, please use the Independence rubber rings and renew them with each packing.
  • In case of a low emergency opening it is very important to stand up and look at the ground. Try to haul in the paraglider’s lines to immobilise it IF you have enough time. There is nothing worse than landing on your back uncontrolled.


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