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Infinity Himalaya


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Infinity Himalaya

Horacio Llorens faces infinity as he prepares to set a world record for infinite tumbling

Two Acro-pilots take on an amazing adventure to discover new heights and set a world record in acro-paragliding in the amazing Himalayan Mountains of  Nepal. Horacio Llorens sets the world record as he plumets down towards the ground from 5300 metres making 281 full revolutions on the way down. This crazy adventure is peppered with travel through Nepal, as the sportsmen make their way to the summit from which they are set to jump… An adrenaline-filled and a truly exotic adventure!

Shot on location in Nepal this heart-stopping movie follows acro ace Horacio Llorens as he prepares to set a world record for Infinite Tumbling. 

Basing himself in the paradise valley of Pokhara he first travels to the deepest gorge in the world, the Kali Gandaki, where he trains against a backdrop of blue skies and white mountains.

It’s then back to Pokhara where he gets ready for the big one – D-bagging from a helicopter at over 5,000m. 

The footage is stunning and the film work fluid and beautiful. It shows that art of acro, combined with a little science, a lot of training and a lifetime of skill. And it showcases what the best pilots are doing at the very cutting edge of our sport.

Part travel adventure, part extreme sports movie, the film is thankfully devoid of the self-absorption of many of its type. Instead, this is all about energy, passion, excitement and going for it full-power in the biggest scenery on the planet. 

The movie makers say:

Two Acropilots take on an adventure and go on to discover new heights and break a world record in paragliding in the amazing Himalayan Mountains of Nepal:

Watch Horacio Llorens and Veso Ovcharov soar in different parts of the Himalayas, watch them take off from the heart of the highest mountain, performing acrobatix against a background of stunning landscapes and more. Join them as they meet up with friends and fellow professionals Scott Mason and his buddy Kevin (trained bird of prey in the art of paragliding) as well as Celine Barman (one of the best female Acropilot) in beautiful Pokhara.

Be a part of the world breaking record as Horacio Llorens two times World Paragliding Champion goes on to make 281 ‘Infinity tumblings’ symbols in the air from 5300meters high. Enjoy!!


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