Naviter Oudie 4 Basic

Naviter Oudie 4 Basic


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The Naviter Oudie 4 Basic is the perfect paragliding and paramotoring flight instrument vario and GPS. The Naviter Oudie 4 Basic is easy to use and set up. The Oudie 4 Basic is a top end vario & GPS combo with a full colour touch screen and all airspace files downloaded and ready to go! The Naviter Oudie 4 Basic weighs just 345g and has a 12 hour battery life. You can also upgrade to the Oudie 4 software at any time and have all the competition and FAI triangle features.

The Naviter Oudie 4 Basic is a response to many pilot requests who really like the Oudie but would be happy to live without its high-end features. It was developed with the recreational pilot in mind who fly in complicated airspace, like the UK! The Oudie 4 basic is also ideal for pilots learning to thermal or just needs a no-setup device to fly with. Absent are the competition-related navboxes, task options, Profiles and FAI Trinagle features for example. That makes the software more intuitive and easy but still packs the most important features that you expect from a Vario & GPS & Colour moving map combo.

The Oudie 4 Basic will grow with you. If you become the high-end competition or XC pilot later in your career a software upgrade is available which gives you all the features of an Oudie 4.

What’s new in both versions:

1. New vario. Now assisted by inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers). Contrary to our initial expectations the inertial vario – when done right – is a real benefit and does provide additional information to pilot through its instantaneous response without being nervous or too sensitive.

2. New wind. The new sensors (and clever use of the Kalman filters if you like) allowed us to improve wind prediction considerably. In the best case scenario Oudie 4 will give a useful wind estimate already after a single 180 degree turn on the ridge. It also works at wind speeds higher than your airspeed. Additional turns make the prediction better of course. There is even lots of room for improvement of this in the future.

3. New price. Significant simplifications on the inside make it possible to offer the Oudie 4 with a lower price tag compared to the Oudie 3.

What comes in the

 Naviter Oudie 4 Basic box?

  • Oudie 4
  • Protective case
  • Getting started manual
  • Car charger
  • Wall charger
  • USB cable
  • USB charger cable
  • Velcro
  • SeeYou trial CD

 Naviter Oudie 4 Basic Technical Specifications:

 Naviter Oudie 4 Basic

ProcessorARM 11, 500 MHz
Built-in Flash8GB
ButtonsOn/Off, Reset
Battery autonomy>12h
Time to fully chargemax. 6h
Size135 x 86 x 25 mm
VarioYes, high sensitivity, assisted by inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers)
Pressure altitudeYes, high precision
Flight recorderYes
Flight storagePractically unlimited
Operating temperature-15°C to +50°C


Display5″ TFT LCD
Aspect ratio16:9
TouchscreenYes, optimal for gloves


Built-in GPSYes, aviation grade
Mass StorageYes
Active SyncYes
External FlashMicro  SDHC
Headphone3.5mm jack
Wired SerialYes


Moving mapYes
Preinstalled mapsWorld-wide
Airspace dataYes, preinstalled
Software UpdatesFree
3D Airspace warningYes
Final glide calculatorYes
Max. Altitude warningYes
Thermal assistantYes
OLC optimizationYes
Flight statisticsYes
60′ statisticsYes
Task route optimizationYes, automatic
Assigned Area TasksYes
Wind calculatorYes
File ReplayYes


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