Nova Bion – Tandem – Discontinued

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Nova Bion – Tandem – Discontinued


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Nova Bion – Tandem

Like its predecessor, the Nova BION 2 excites professional tandem pilots as well as enthusiastic recreational pilots who want to share their most beautiful moments. Take off, enjoy, land safely: the BION 2 is a reliable partner which takes its responsibility seriously.  With maximum performance, it will never let you or your passenger down.

Excellent take off and landing characteristics. Like the previous model, the BION 2 has excellent launch characteristics. Just a light pull is necessary to make the canopy rises above the pilot and passenger in a controlled and even manner. In comparison to its predecessor, this tandem is more comfortable to land due to the new wing design and the optimised brake configuration. In the final landing phase the wing converts every brake input and ensures a safe and controlled flare..

Maximum potential and fun. The BION 2’s precise handling means that a little brake input results in the desired reaction. Thanks to the significant trim travel and the resulting wide speed range, the wing maintains its precision across the entire weight range of 120 kg to 225 kg. This balance of flight characteristics, coupled with great performance, provides new opportunities for cross-country pilots.

Prepared for every eventuality. Anyone who flies a tandem carries a great responsibility. Your demand for a high degree of safety will be fulfilled with the BION 2. We made sure the BION 2 is “NOVA standard” by testing it more than the required certification tests and we can guarantee the highest degree of passive safety. These high safety standards should be a dream come true for all responsible tandem pilots.



  • The BION 2 has only three line areas. This reduces drag and simplifies line sorting.
  • The risers have also benefited from eliminating the fourth line area. They are lighter, easier to handle and this makes inflating the canopy simpler.
  • The undersurface of the BION 2 is made from lightweight material, the weight of the risers has been reduced and the internal wing construction has been optimised. In comparison to the BION 1, this is a weight reduction of 700 grams, whilst retaining the same durability.
  • The new profile demonstrates excellent thermalling characteristics when the trimmers are closed. With the trimmers open, the BION 2 offers unusually high speed with excellent glide performance.

When the trimmers are fully closed, the maillons are not at the same level, as is normally the case; the C-riser can be shortened even more in comparison to the A-riser. This trimmer setting offers the best handling in thermals with reduced sink.

When the BION 2 trimmers are fully open the wing impresses with an unusually high top speed, which provides you with more safety on windy days.




Technical Details

Number of cells4949
Projected span10,7511,43
Projected area3135
Projected aspect ratio3,733,73
Flat span14,1115,00
Flat area3741,75
Flat aspect ratio5,395,39
Line diameter2,5 / 1,2 / 1
Line length7,257,73
Total line length334,8355,7
Max. chord3,273,48
Min. chord0,730,78
Recommended take off weight90-200120-225
Certification (EN/LTF)BB



Leading edge:Dominico 30D, 41 g/m2
Top surface:Dominico 30D, 41 g/m2
Lower sail:Dominico 20D, 35 g/m2
Profile ribs (suspended):Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Profile ribs (unsuspended):Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Main lines:A6843-340
Gallery lines:PPSL 160 / TSL 140
Top lines:PPSL120 / DSL70
Brake lines:Cousin 85
Risers:Polyester 25mm / Kevlar 12mm





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