Nova Ibex 3 (Discontinued)

//Nova Ibex 3 (Discontinued)

Nova Ibex 3 (Discontinued)


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Nova Ibex 3

The Nova Ibex 3 is a lightweight glider with lots of performance and good glide. The IBEX 3 XXS was designed for pilots who wants a small wing with a lot of performance; the IBEX 3 XS and S are lightweight thermalling paragliders (EN/LTF A).

Impressive performance/weight ratio.

Either light or high performing – we were not prepared to settle for this compromise. The IBEX 3 offers both: very lightweight, combined with the performance you would expect from a NOVA wing. The IBEX 3 sets the glide performance standard in the ultralight class. This means the IBEX 3 is a fully-fledged paraglider, which impresses both in performance and in its agile handling.

One wing, three uses.

IBEX 1 and 2 were primarily aimed at those looking for a small, light paraglider. The IBEX 3 continues this tradition and offers a lot more: the XXS continues to be a small wing with lots of performance; XS and S (depending on wing loading) are fully-fledged paragliders which climb in thermals and make easy work of gliding. In-between is the hybrid zone. More info on this in the weight-range section. The IBEX 3 caters for a multitude of requirements.

Maximum simplicity.

Rough, alpine terrain is incompatible with complicated design concepts. Therefore the IBEX 3 has been made easy to use: the few lines are quick to sort; the mechanically loaded leading edge on the top surface is made of abrasion-resistant 20D cloth; the launch and flying characteristic are incredibly uncomplicated. This makes the IBEX 3 a wing that can be trusted in all eventualities.

Nova Ibex 3 comes in 3 sizes and 1 colour

Number of cells393939
Projected span7,198,128,87
Projected area15,219,423,2
Projected aspect ratio3,393,393,39
Flat span9,1110,2811,23
Flat area17,722,626,9
Flat aspect ratio4,684,684,68
Line diameter1 / 1,4 / 1,85
Line length5,426,136,69
Total line length187212232
Max. chord2,422,742,99
Min. chord0,670,760,83
Recommended take off weight50-9858-9575-110
Certification (EN/LTF)CAA

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