Nova Ibex 4


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Nova Ibex 4

Nova has just brought out their new light weight wing Ibex 4 which is now available to order! Nova Ibex 4 is a lightweight, from 3,0kg, EN-A glider. Compared to previous Ibex, the 4 is more of a standard light weight glider, specifically made for hike & fly, travelling and as a first glider. The glider will keep you safe and entertained from your first solo flight out of school, to ridge soaring and even XC flights. The wide weight range gives you the option the to choose what type of flying you want, if you go lower in the weight range the glider will be fun, safe and perfect to take ridge soaring and XC flights. If you are heavier in the weight range you will receive more speed without loosing the great glide angle.

The Nova Ibex 4 comes in 4 sizes and 2 colours