Nova Ion 5


The Nova ION has been  NOVAs best-selling paraglider. Therefore, the standards in the development of the ION 5 were very high. We are more than happy with the result. Here is the most important information for you:

Positioning & concept
It was clear that the basic concept, which so far distinguished all ION generations, should not be changed. This means the ION 5 is an evolution, not a revolution. Nova still wanted to make relevant advancements – which were mainly achieved through the improved internal stress distribution and the newly designed wing tips.


Changes from the previous model

  •  Profile optimisation
  • Improved ballooning and wing tips
  • Additional, markedly swept “stabilo cell”, which resulted
    from the optimisation of the wing tip
  • Sportier appearance
  • New colour choices
  • New DOKDO 20D cloth: 2 g/m2 lighter; more durable
    (strength and porosity)
  • Lines: Liros PPSLS65 = the thinnest sheathed line on the
    market, used for brakes and stabilo


Selling points

  • The ION is a legend and defines its class
  • Top in its category for actually usable performance
  •  High passive safety
  • Very simple take off preparation
  • Very easy launch and landing characteristics
  •  Handling – it’s super fun
  • Semi-light construction: suitable for travelling, hike & fly,
  • Durable material mix


In Flight
In comparison to its predecessor the ION 5 offers greater performance and more direct responses to brake input with reduced brake pressure. The ION 5 is more mature, accomplished and more homogeneous.

Target groups
Ambitious cross-country novices, experienced XC pilots who want to step down a level to have relaxed long distance flights, recreational pilots – or as a first wing after qualification.


  • EN/LTF B
  • 52 cells
  • aspect ratio 5.16
  • Three-liner



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