Nova Mentor 5


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Nova Mentor 5

The benchmark of cross-country wings (EN/LTF B)

More performance, precise handling and a reassuring feeling in the air: the MENTOR 5 is the logical progression of the master of its class. Its high performance is more accessible and usable for progressing pilots. The MENTOR 5 exceeds boundaries.

The Benchmark. For many years the MENTOR has been setting the standard for XC-intermediate wings.  It combines impressive performance with a high degree of passive safety and it encourages you to exceed your boundaries. Using strength analysis optimisation and flow simulation, we have succeeded in elevating the MENTOR 5 to a new performance level.

Relaxed Sportiness. The MENTOR 5 shows a marked performance increase on its predecessor. A slightly reduced trim speed leads to reduced sink and comfortable brake pressure, while the top speed remains consistently high. The handling distinguishes itself with its agility and precision. This permits the wing to simply centre in the thermal and take every climb.

Simply intuitive. Pilots should concentrate on what gives them pleasure: the flying. A clever mixture of materials has made the wing lighter, more manageable and more durable. At the most important points, the MENTOR 5 has been fitted with sheathed lines. As a consequence, the lines basically sort themselves.  Launching is simple. And in flight, the MENTOR 5 helps you to find the right line.

The MENTOR 5 is a paraglider with impressive performance which has – in the hands of an experienced pilot – a very manageable handling and extreme flight behaviour. Flying the MENTOR 5 does require a degree of skill. Although certified as EN B, the MENTOR 5 is not suitable for beginners and occasional pilots.



Mentor 5 colours



Mentor 5 sizes

The MENTOR 5 XXS  is made of light materials to improve its flying characteristics. As a result, its colours are different than on the other sizes. Please use the MENTOR 5 XXS color configurator for special colors.

Size XXS has a recommended weight range of 55 to 80 kilograms.




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