Nova Prion 4


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Nova Prion 4

The new Nova Prion 4 is a great EN-A wing, ready to take you on your first ever solo flights, with a lot of passive safety, easy launch and landing with an uncomplicated set-up. The performance of the glider is still very high making it a fun and safe option to take on your first adventures as a paragliding pilot, whether that is ridge soaring the grassy slopes in the UK or taking it abroad to fly in more thermic and mountainous terrain.

The Nova Prion 4 comes in 4 sizes and 4 colours


Today we would like to present the PRION 4. It is a “modern” EN/LTF A wing. This means that it makes learning to fly as easy as possible and it offers the highest level of passive safety -ˇ but it is far more than just a training wing.

Selling points

  • The simplest launch and landing characteristics
  • High degree of roll dampening
  • Handling: it is really fun to fly even after finishing school
  • Performance: astonishingly high
  • Wide weight-ˇrange (good for paragliding schools)
  • Look: curvature and new colour selection
  • Low weight: approx. 500 g less than the PRION 3
  • Durable: for many hours of instructional use
  • Uncomplicated pre-flight preparation: few, sheathed lines
  • Avoiding errors: colour-ˇcoded for left and right, marked with back and front, risers completely labelled, adjustable brake handles with double right-ˇleft identification

Changes from the previous model:

  • New, double-ˇcoated cloth used in the majority of the upper and lower sails (Dominico 20d), which achieved great results during internal tests
  • Diagonal Tape Ribs (the wing’s improved form stability increases performance – same as the PHANTOM and SECTOR)
  • Optimised ballooning
  • New, uniform curvature
  • Centre markings



The PRION 3 already flew very well (EN A world record flight -ˇ 209 km FAI triangle). Thanks to the optimised ballooning, the Diagonal Tape Ribs and the new curvature, the PRION 4 glides and climbs even better.





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