Nova Somnium


Nova Somnium

The Somnium is Nova’s pod harness, it is lightweight whilst still being designed to as comfortable as possible to sit in for long XC flights. The passive safety is high, which makes you feel safer in turbulent air whilst still be efficient with as little drag as possible on your glides.

More safety.

The SOMNIUM is fitted with an innovative Hybrid Protector. When the harness is taken out of the bag the foam begins to expand. Once in the air, the foam protection is augmented by an airbag. This cushion of air not only supports the pelvic area – but protects the whole back. In its class, the SOMNIUM offers a unique level of passive safety.


More performance.

The SOMNIUM is fitted with Split Loops. This ensures a comfortable seating position and simultaneously improves the performance of the wing during glides – the tendency to roll is damped and this has a positive impact on your glide ratio, especially in turbulent air. The streamlined design and slender pod underline this performance potential.


Less weight.

Small packing size, little weight: due to its Hybrid Protection, the SOMNIUM can be packed small and at 3.7kg (size S) is extraordinarily light – without compromising on passive safety. The foam protector can be highly compressed and apart from the material, the airbag packs down to nothing. The SOMNIUM offers the complete package of performance, safety and little weight.

Target group.

The SOMNIUM is primarily aimed at pilots who demand performance. It offers a high degree of passive safety combined with little weight and excellent aerodynamic characteristics. The high level of comfort and the pod enhance the feeling of comfort in the air.

The Nova Somnium comes in 3 sizes and 1 colour

Pilot height cm <168 <180 >180
Harness weight kg 3,70 3,90 4,10
Certification PH 132.2015
Maximum clip-in weight 130 kg lt. LTF
Energy absorbtion value g 36
Colours NOVA Racing Red


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