Ozone Atak 2 Harness

Ozone Atak 2 Harness


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The Ozone Atak 2 is a specialist super lightweight speed flying and speed riding harness. Weighing just 1.3kg the Ozone Atak 2 is exceptionally light for a harness. The Atak 2 is a split leg harness which is ideal for speed flying. Please note this harness has no back protection! Fly Sussex Paragliding do not recommend this harness for beginner paraglider pilot, only to speed flyers and speed riders.

The Ozone Atak 2 harness was developed specifically for speed-flying with the help of Pierre Bouiloux of SupAir. Compact, strong, and stable, the Ozone Atak 2 harness is adjustable to be very upright for skiing, or more reclined for pilots who are more comfortable in a more typical ‘flying’ position.

Anti-friction rings on the shoulder straps allow transition from standing to sitting positions quickly and easily. The harness naturally positions the pilot in a skiing stance, so that you are never caught off-balance while speedflying.

When you transition from standing to sitting, you will be completely ‘in’ the harness, not hanging out of it. The leg straps automatically scoop you into the harness, with no struggle to sit comfortably. This also makes the harness ideal for tandem flying and dune soaring as well.

Ozone Atak 2 Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Split leg harness
  • One size fits all


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