Ozone Buzz Z5 (discontinued)

//Ozone Buzz Z5 (discontinued)

Ozone Buzz Z5 (discontinued)


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The Ozone Buzz Z5 is the latest transformation of Ozone’s best selling wing. Enormous has effort gone into perfecting the balance between outright performance and intrinsic safety.

Shark nose:  This outrageous innovation is where Ozone have succeeded in leaving the competition wringing their hands. Especially the Germans, who cannot quite believe they didn’t think of it first. The SharkNose not only improves performance at all speed ranges but has the commendable side effect of improving stability, and handling!

The Z5 achieves its aerodynamic performance with the use of a clever double D shaping of the leading edge, and has an additional three cells to maintain the wing shape even at higher speeds. We noted at flysussex.com  that this was achieved by not having to  add any more lines!  How did Ozone do this ?  I suppose its a secret. We looked at the internal structure of the wing, it does look different. We presume they used some fancy computor software to optimize the result.  Also the wing doesn’t weigh any more than the Ozone Buzz Z4. How did they do that?

We did ask, and Ozone told us that although the aspect ratio of the Buzz Z5 remains the same (if you try and squeeze more performance out a design by increasing aspect ratio you always compromise safety..maybe its a law of Physics, the Law of Aspect Ratio Stability or something) . Anyway the way the Buzz Z5 has gained performance by lowering drag, both induced and profile, by cunning line reductions, even more cunning leading edge design. Its nothing short of a win win miracle, the wing glides better but remains pretty safe.

Personally, not being particulary brave ( like Parsley the Lion), I love this sort of glider. I want a wing that takes me cross country, thermals delightfully and has a turn of speed whist simultaeously never scares me.
When we test flew this wing it seemed to do everything it said on the tin, the glide was better, the operation of the speed bar effective and smooth,  the handling easy.

The glider allowed us the “feel” the air in a thermal, the feedback was continuous and smooth. You actually felt part of wing. You need this if you are on a long flight. You can spend the energy you save looking for the next thermal!

Here, in the South Downs, we need a wing that is easy to launch in quite strong wings. Thankfully the Ozone Buzz Z5 doesn’t shoot up like a Jack in the Box and then collapse, coversely it comes up like a well trained Labrador, just waiting for the order to go!

More remarkably it is just as well behaved in light winds!  I ask again, how did Ozone achieve these two, apparently contradictory,  traits. It’s witchcraft.   I think you would say that its something to do with a computer optimization program, less line drag and , of course, SharkNose technology – and you’d be right!

I’m hoping all this is correct since I am taking my Buzz Z5 medium small off the the Alps next week and I hope to stay higher than Richard on his Delta 2 !

I’m gambling that the delightfully coordinated turning circle of this new wing will see me wander up to cloudbase.

In summary: this is wing for Pilot who desires great performance but wants to mitigate the inherit risks that come with paragliding.
This pilot wants the finest possible Intermediate Class Paraglider.

I think that Ozone have produced a cracker of a wing. If any of their designers would like a job with Flysussex they should come on over, with a bunch of Buzz Z 5 ‘s !


Ozone BUZZ Z5 Features:

  • SharkNose Technology unique to Ozone
  • Improved Lift/Drag ratio compared with the Buzz Z4
  • More cells, and improved leading edge
  • Improved handling and stability thanks to new arc
  • Easy acceleration thanks to ball bearing pullies

Ozone Buzz Z5 SIZES

Number of cells 48 48 48 48 48 48
Projected area (m2) 18.7 20.3 21.8 23 24.5 26.5
Flat area (m2) 22.2 24.1 25.8 27.3 29 31.3
Projected span (m) 8.23 8.57 8.87 9.12 9.4 9.78
Flat span (m) 10.69 11.14 11.52 11.85 12.22 12.71
Projected Aspect Ratio 3.62 3.62 3.62 3.62 3.62 3.62
Flat aspect ratio 5.16 5.16 5.16 5.16 5.16 5.16
Root Chord (m) 2.63 2.74 2.84 2.92 3.01 3.13
Glider Weight (kg) 5 5.31 5.53 5.78
In-flight weight range (kg) 58-70 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115 110-130
LTF / EN B B B B B  




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