Ozone Delta 2 Large (95-115kg) EN C

///Ozone Delta 2 Large (95-115kg) EN C

Ozone Delta 2 Large (95-115kg) EN C

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For sale we have a second hand Ozone Delta 2 paraglider size large (95-115kg) in good condition.

The Ozone Delta 2 is an EN C wing so is designed for experienced pilots only and not for beginners.

Second Hand Ozone Delta 2

  • Hours: approx 100 hours
  • Condition: Good with 2 small patches
  • Report: Comes with a loft report stating the wing is in very good / good condition.
  • Porosity: Very good at 461 seconds
  • Trimming: The glider has had full line measurement and re-trim in December 2016.
  • Colour: Black /white / green
  • Manufactured 2014


Number of cells626262626262
Projected area (m2)17.819.420.521.72325.3
Flat area (m2)
Projected span (m)
Flat span (m)11.311.812.112.512.813.5
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat aspect ratio666666
Root Chord (m)2.352.452.522.592.672.8
Glider Weight (kg)4.44.755.35.76
In-flight weight range (kg)58-7065-8575-9585-10595-115110-130



Arc >> The first thing you will notice when you see the Delta2 in the air is the OZONE Performance Project inspired arc, which was taken directly from the BBHPP / R10 family of performance wings. This arc, yet unseen in the Sport-Performance category, is used in our competition wings and is unmatched for sail cohesion, turn efficiency and authority, and overall handling.

Sail Tension >> A more highly refined sail tension has created a more compact and intuitive feel for the Delta 2. In active air, you will notice an even more precise feel with improved feedback and a more progressive brake travel. While the original Delta featured the cleanest sail ever offered in the Sport-Performance class, the new Delta 2 is even smoother due to next generation panel shaping along the entire span.

Profile >> A completely new profile is one of the key factors in the Delta 2’s revolutionary performance gains. It is a hybrid design combining the best features of the R11 SharkNose technology with the fun and efficiency of the M4. It is solid at accelerated speeds, and extremely resistant to spin and parachutal stall. The shark profile provides a more constant internal pressure in active air and turbulence, increasing passive stability (collapse resistance) and creating an even more comfortable and stable feel in accelerated flight. This new advanced profile has also improved the launch behaviour by reducing the “shooting” in higher wind conditions.

The Next Generation in Low Drag Lineplans >> Our R&D Team constantly focuses on “free” performance gains, especially by reducing line-drag wherever possible. The Delta 2 offers an incredible 26% reduction in total line drag. This, combined with the overall increase in efficiency and the benefits of the SharkNose profile, has allowed us to reduce the total wing area.


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