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The Ozone Mojo 5 is designed for new pilots. First and foremost it is a safe, fun, and easy high-performance wing suitable for students in training but ideal for the newly qualified. It is reliable and dependable, perfect for pilots who require a safe and solid wing for ridge soaring, thermalling, and XC flying during their first few hundred hours and beyond. It is also suitable for more experienced pilots who seek the highest levels of passive safety for their flying adventures.


Comfort when you need it, precision when you want it.

  • Ideal for new pilots, fun for all pilots
  • High performance in its category
  • Ridge soaring, thermalling, XC flying
  • High passive safety
  • EN A Certification
 The Ozone Mojo 5 is so good we recommend it with our beginner package.

The Ozone Mojo Legacy continues…The Mojo 5 may be the 5th in the series, but this iteration is completely new. Meticulously designed from the ground up with many prototypes and countless hours of R&D, Ozone glider’s believe the Mojo 5 is the best Mojo yet. The Ozone Mojo 5 improves over the Mojo 4 in every aspect – it is lighter, easier to launch, more comfortable and fun to fly, and provides higher levels of precision and comfort in the handling.

With an increased number of cells and totally new profile, the Mojo 5 is aerodynamically very clean. The reduced sail drag, optimized line layout, reduction in overall line length, and newly-shaped cell openings all push the Mojo 5’s performance to the top of the category without compromising safety. This balance of performance and safety is an important consideration for any new pilot, and the Mojo 5 combines EN A certification with the solidity, agility, sink rate, and glide performance that is necessary for long XC flights in real conditions.

Launching is a critical part of each and every flight, and we have paid particular attention to the ground handling characteristics to make the process less stressful, easier, and safer. Setting up is easy; the risers are simple and uncluttered. On the ground the Mojo5 is responsive to pilot inputs without being too much of a handful. It inflates smoothly – without overshooting or hanging back – even in zero wind conditions. In stronger winds it inflates progressively with less tendency to “shoot up” and pull the pilot off their feet.

Due to the new planform and sail tension, the Mojo 5 has a very compact feel in the air, absorbing turbulence and transmitting information in a cohesive, understandable, and confidence-inspiring manner. Brake pressure and brake precision have been refined for improved handling – turns are easy to initiate, and the wing maintains bank angles whilst thermalling with minimal input. This precision, along with the deeper overall brake range and higher resistance to stall or spin make the Mojo 5 a super-fun yet forgiving wing to fly.

From newly qualified pilots to relaxed paragliding veterans, the Mojo 5 provides the most relaxing platform in the Ozone range for all-around fun flying and modest XC missions.

Ozone Mojo 5 Colour Options:

The Ozone mojo 5 comes in 5 standard colours but you also have the option of custom colours for an extra £150. Check out the Ozone website and email us the colour code to choose your own personalised colour.

Mojo Colours

Ozone Mojo 5 SIZES

Number of cells4040404040
Projected area (m2)18.720.322.12426.1
Flat area (m2)2223.92628.330.7
Projected span (m)8.058.398.759.129.51
Flat span (m)10.3910.8311.2911.7712.27
Projected Aspect Ratio3.463.463.463.463.46
Flat aspect ratio4.
Root Chord (m)2.722.832.953.083.21
Glider Weight4.54.775.035.455.83
In-flight weight range (kg)55-7065-8580-10095-115110-130
EN CertificationAAAAA

Ozone Mojo 5 MATERIALS

  • Top Surface Cloth: Dominico 30D MF
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Dominico 30D MF
  • Rib cloth: Dominico 30D FM
  • Upper lines: Liros DSL serie
  • Mid lines: Liros DSL serie
  • Lower Lines: Edelrid 6843 serie


Offer the highest level of performance in the beginner category without compromise in the safety and ease of use.


  • Simple 3-riser system with split-A risers for easier Big Ears.
  • New Planform and new sail tensioning for comfort and cohesion
  • New profile for improved inflation behavior and in-air performance
  • New cell opening shape for improved inflation characteristics and comfort
  • Optimised line plan and new arc has allowed for a 30cm reduction in overall line lengths – that’s 50m less line and a 10% saving in drag
  • Lower Aspect Ratio for sail cohesion and long break range for solidity and maximum ease of use.
  • Increased cell count to reduce cell width, reduce drag and improve efficiency
  • Dominico 30D cloth is unparalleled, it has proven to retain its colour, porosity and mechanical characteristics for maximum durability and longevity.
  • Weight saving construction


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