Ozone Rush 3 size XL 115-130kg

Ozone Rush 3 size XL 115-130kg


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Out of stock

Ozone Rush 3 size XL 115-130kg

For sale we have a Ozone Rush 3 size XL 115-130kg colour blue and white. The glider is in good condition, and has about 50hrs of airtime with a lot of life still in it.

Who is this wing suitable for?

The Rush 3 is a high EN-B glider and is therefor a fairly safe glider however it is not suitable for complete beginners with very low airtime. The Rush 3 features a combination of dynamic handling and an excellent speed range. The passive safety of the EN B class, making it suitable for a range of pilots from hobby flyers to experienced XC enthusiasts. Read more about the Rush 4 here and check out the report

Ozone Rush 3 size XL 115-130kg


No of Cells5151515151
Area Proj.19.0020.8022.5024.5027.00
Area Flat22.0024.0026.0028.3031.20
Span Proj.8.869.259.6310.0510.55
Span Flat11.0011.4911.9612.4813.10
AR Proj.
AR Flat5.505.505.505.505.50
Root Chord2.542.652.762.883.02
Glider Weight (kg)5.205.405.605.806.00
In flight weight Range55-7570-9085-105100-120115-130

Here is what Ozone has to say about the Rush 3


The Rush 3 is simple and straight forward on the ground, rising smoothly without over-flying the pilot or dropping back in light wind. In the air it is damp in pitch, managing turbulence effectively and efficiently during long glides. You will feel that the Rush 3’s compact feeling resembles a unified ‘structure’ in the air. With minimal sail movement in active air. But most importantly, rearward pitch movement has been heavily minimised. The wing has the tendency to stay overhead and push forward into rising air. In the climb, it is very efficient with a better sink rate in the turn than the Rush 2. The Rush 3 achieves this by an ideal yaw-roll balance. Which maintains a higher angle of attack in the turn while retaining excellent agility.

All of these features are based upon a moderate Aspect Ratio of 5.5. By focusing on performance increases derived from ‘free’ gains in line drag and profile efficiency. We have greatly increased the Rush 3’s glide and speed performance while also improving its feel in the air. We are confident that the Rush 3’s classic OZONE handling and user-friendly nature will satisfy even the most demanding pilots.

Developing the Rush 3 has been a real pleasure for us, and we have put all of our passion and expertise into developing this new EN B class XC machine. This wing has directly benefitted from our competition wing technology. We are excited to deliver you this glider with levels of safety and performance that we only dreamed of just a few years ago. We invite you to experience the excitement of the Rush 3 and we look forward to hearing about your favorite flights. Cheers from all the OZONE Team.


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