Silva ADC Wind Watch

Silva ADC Wind Watch


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Silva ADC Wind Watch

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  • Windspeed (current, max, average)
  • Wind-chill (current, min)
  • Temperature (current, 24 hour history)
  • Barometer (current, 24 hour history)
  • Weather Forecast (Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Storm warning)
  • Altimeter (max, min)
  • Ski-run counter (number of ski runs, cumulative ascend/descend)
  • Data log (auto/manual log of up to 1980 readings)
  • IR-port (transmission of logged data to PC – optional accessory ADC IR needed)
  • Clock

Featuring an air-pressure sensor on top of the functionality provided in the ADC Wind, this unit is the perfect companion when in the mountains and/or when an altitude/barometric pressure/weather tendency is required. The ADC Summit is designed for mountaineers, climbers, skiers (yes, it counts the number of ski runs as well!) and many others. Your performance data can be logged in the ADC Summit and downloaded through the ADC IR interface (optional accessory) to a PC.

  • Wind Units m/s, km/h, mph, feet/s, knots, Beaufort;
  • Wind Accuracy <3m/s-10%, >3m/s-5%;
  • Wind Resolution 0,1 m/s;
  • Temperature Units Celsius, Fahrenheit;
  • Temperature Accuracy 1 degree (offset calibration possible);
  • Temperature Resolution 0.1 degree;
  • Barometer Units mbar, hPa, inHg;
  • Barometer Accuracy 700-1100 hPa – 1.5 hPa (offset calibration possible);
  • Barometer Resolution 0.1 hPa;
  • Altimeter Units m, feet;
  • Altimeter Accuracy 3 m provided properly calibrated;
  • Altimeter Resolution 1 m;Humidity Units %;
  • Humidity Accuracy 20-80% – 3.5%, other range 5%;
  • Humidity Resolution 0.1%;
  • Clock Accuracy Better than 1 sec per day;
  • Material PC/ABS;Waterproof IPX7;
  • Battery life/Discharge time Normal use approx 1 year;Batteries/type 1 pc CR2032;Dimensions 109x50x20mm;
  • Weight 50 g;


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