Skywalk Masala 2 – Discontinued

Skywalk Masala 2 – Discontinued


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Skywalk Masala 2 – Lightweight Wing

With a weight starting at 2.7 kg (size XXS) and a tiny packing size, the Skywalk Masala 2 is a super safe lightweight glider that fits in any backpack. Its sensationally simple launching characteristics and fine handling turn strenuous mountain tours into enjoyable “excursions”. Its good climb and glide performance ensures that you make it safely back to the valley again from the highest mountains and remotest launch sites. The MASALA2 is a great choice for Hike&Fly adventures – large weight ranges, especially in the smaller sizes with EN A safety, let you tailor your equipment to your individual requirements.


Whoever flies the MASALA2 never wants to give it back! Because if you thought that a mountain wing is just for flying from the summit to the valley, the MASALA2 has a thing or two to teach you. The MASALA2 is the epitome of Hike&Fly: light enough to climb the highest peaks. Simple enough to safely launch even in difficult terrain. Powerful enough to exploit even weak thermals and penetrate windy conditions. And the best part: the MASALA2 is agile enough to celebrate the joy of a beautiful day in nature with high wingovers. This is made possible among other things by the large weight ranges of the small sizes XXS and XS, which are predestined for mountaineers.


The simple concept of MASALA2 is the basis for the remarkable glide performance and the unique rounded feeling in thermals of this EN/LTF-A glider. Of course, we haven’t dispensed with technical features on the MASALA2 like rigid foils on the leading edge and C-wires on the trailing edge. It is this combination of simplicity and high-tech that makes the MASALA2 a true high performer among Hike&Fly gliders.


As expected of an A-gilder, the MASALA2 has enormous safety reserves. Collapses or front stalls are rare. In extreme flight maneuvers, the MASALA2 reacts very moderately. This is due in part to sywalk’s JET FLAP Technology: an approaching stall is signaled early by massively increasing brake line pressure. In addition, pitch and roll movements following collapses are very subdued and the collapsed side reopens quickly and independently.


Our JET FLAPS extend the green arc as you approach the stall point, which substantially increases safety and also improves climb performance.


C-wires are nylon wires sewn into the glider over the anchor points of the C-level lines. Advantages: better load distribution, reduced drag, more performance.


Doubling the number of cells at the trailing edge increases its shape stability substantially. Advantage: fewer vortices improve the aerodynamics and with it the performance.


The Rigid Foil nylon wires on the leading edge help maintain its shape and ensure constant ram air pressure. Advantages: better takeoff behavior, more performance and lower canopy weight.


A precise calculation of the leading edge geometry and the installation of an additional strip of fabric reduce wrinkling in this sensitive part of the glider. Advantages: exact wing shape, more performance.

Technical info

Area flat (m²)20,0122,7326,1828,70
Area projected (m²)16,9119,2122,1224,26
Wingspan flat (m)9,8010,4511,2111,74
Wingspan projected (m)7,638,138,729,14
Aspect ratio flat4,804,804,804,80
Aspect ratio projected3,443,443,443,44
Glider weight (kg)2,73,03,33,6
Certified weight range (kg)55-9055-9570-9585-110


 Masala 2 Masala 2


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