Sup’Air Access-Airbag

Sup’Air Access-Airbag


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Sup’Air Access-Airbag

The Sup’Air Access-Airbag features an upright seating posture, easy transition from running to seating, reinforced bottom support, light, AirBag protection and large dorsal storage compartment.

Sizes : XS / S / M / L / XL

Weight : 4310 g (Medium size)

Reserve handle option left or right.

SupAir have worked on the ACCESS model; improving the look and giving them all the bells and whistles anyone could wish to have on this harness type. It is friendly to any pilot. The ACCESS-Airbag is the ideal harnesses to learn paragliding and progress with.


Learning and progression
Upright to recline seating body posture

Airbag beneath the seat
Mini Bump back protector
Dorsal reserve parachute container with right or left reserve parachute handle locations
30 mm Self-locking stainless steel buckles
Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar locking mechanism
Anti Balance System
45 mm Self-locking Biners
Harness color coded riser connection points

Gear / comfort
Speed-Bar pulleys
Leg and chest straps comfort foam

Large dorsal storage pocket
Side storage pocket
Built-in neoprene shoulder strap radio pocket

Chest strap adjustment with stitched markers
Shoulder straps adjustments
Adjustable leg-straps length
Adjustable backrest support incline

Cordura® 500D

EN 1651



Access-airbag sizes

See the User Manual here


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