Sup’Air Altirando size Large

Sup’Air Altirando size Large

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For sale, we have a Sup’Air Altirando size Large harness for sale. The harness is in excellent condition with no patches and hardly any signs of wear. The Altirando is a reversible harness with a pre-inflated airbag making it ideal for beginners as well as seasoned pilots who want a safe, lightweight harness with the convenience of being able to turn it into a comfortable rucksack which has enough room for your glider as well.

  • Manufacture year: 2016
  • Carbon seatplate
  • pre-inflated airbag
  • Reversible
  • SizeL
    Pilot size (cm)180 /195
    Pilot weight (mini – maxi) (kg)70 – 100
    Harness weight (+ carabiners+speedbar) (g)3810
    Back lenght (cm)70
    Back inclination adjustment (cm)38
    Seat length (cm)48
    Seat width (cm)39
    Carabiners height (cm)46
    Carabiners distance (cm)40-53

The Sup’Air Altirando 3 is a Fly Sussex favourite, we love this lightweight reversible harness as its super comfortable and safe.  The Sup’Air Altirando 3 is a lightweight reversible paragliding harness with under seat reserve parachute container. The Sup’Air Altirando 3 has a pre-inflated and efficient AirBag at takeoff before being inflated by the relative wind. This all-new design also has a new easier and safer parachute pocket with visual control of the safety locking mechanism.

In backpack version, the volume is slightly more fitted than with the discontinued ALTIRANDO 2 RS. Weight-bearing is efficiently distributed between the padded waist strap and the backrest with its load adjustment straps and compression straps.

During takeoff, the transition from running to sitting is evident. In flight, the adjustments and the geometry of the harness enable greater comfort adaptation to the pilot’s contour and flight posture: the backrest can be configured to adopt an upright position or more reclined, especially when using a foot-rest. The seat extension enables the pilot to adjust his body position toward the front of the seat-plate if necessary. Another adjustment enables fine-tuning of the seat depth to better fit the pilot’s body contour.

Complete safety with a very efficient AirBag immediately working during the takeoff phase, an ABS ( Anti Balancing System ), leg straps with the Safe-T system, and a well located, easy to access reserve parachute pocket. Another new feature is the notably more compact AirBag shape which has an improved aerodynamic profile.

You can read more about Sup’Air Altirando here


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