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Sup’Air Cockpit Light


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Sup’Air Cockpit Light

The Sup’Air Cockpit Light is a lightweight, compact instrument flight deck.

This integrated lightweight flight deck will display and protect your instruments and keep all your inflight snacks and other essentials close to hand. It is quick and easy to connect to your paragliding harness and is suitable for most harnesses.

Key features: 

  • Quick and easy connection to the harness with straps and quick release metal buckles.
  • Padded instrument cockpit-container with top zipping protective flap.
  • Rigid sides to stop your instruments and in flight essentials getting squashed or damaged.
  • Safety lanyards to tie on your instruments.
  • 2 litres of ballast or storage volume.
  • Small zipped internal pocket (for keys and documents).
  • Two ballast container compression straps to reduce its overall volume.

This is a lightweight version of the popular standard Sup’air flight deck.


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