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Tandem Paragliding Flight

Have you always dreamt of flying? Enjoy an experience flight with a Fly Sussex instructor and soar over the beautiful english countryside. A tandem flight on a paraglider involves you flying with a fully qualified BHPA approved pilot sat in the driving seat behind you. All Fly Sussex tandem equipment is the very best money can buy and undergoes rigorous safety testing. Tandem Flights are valid for nine months from the date of purchase.

What to expect…

  • We meet at our shop and sign in at the front desk
  • We give you direction to the flying site
  • We hike up to the take off area
  • Meet your instructor and go through the flight briefing
  • Take off! We aim to do one longer soaring flight or multiple shorter flights depending on the weather conditions
  • After you have flown you can leave straight from the flying site or head back to our shop for a cup of tea and get your certificate

Your pilot

We have a mixed male and female team of BHPA qualified tandem pilots who have your safety and enjoyment as number one priority.  All our instructors are experienced paraglider pilots who have flown all over the world. Our chief flying instructor Tim Cox was awarded the Royal Aero club lifetime achievement award for his contribution towards paragliding. Feel free to call or pop in and meet the team and have a chat with one of our instructors.

How it works…

  • Purchase a voucher online, over the phone 01273858170 or visit our shop
  • Book into our diary on your chosen date
  • Call our weather check voicemail the evening before your flight for confirmation and start time. Please note start and finish times vary according to the weather. If the weather is not suitable then just rebook.
  • Arrive at our shop with your voucher and sign in at the front desk
  • We head out in a convoy to one of our flying sites up on the South Downs, feel free to bring your own car but be prepared to walk up to the take off area. If you need transport then please let us know in advance.
  • When the conditions are suitable you will have a briefing with your pilot about the take off, flight and landing
  • You clip into the harness and we take off!
  • You fly through the air with a smile on your face!
  • Depending on what you feel happy with and the weather conditions we aim to fly for approximately 20 minutes. If this is not possible we will do several shorter flights
  • When the flight is complete you can have a certificate to take home!


Getting to and from the flying sites:

All our flying sites are out in the countryside with no public transport within 3 miles so if you have a car feel free to bring it but be prepared for a walk up to the take off area.

Once you have flown and wish to leave the site you have the option to head off in your own time. If you require a lift please give us advance notice.


Paragliding Spectators:

We welcome your friends and family along to watch you fly. Please be aware there may be a walk up onto the hills involved, if you think this may be difficult for any of your group will can try to give them a lift but please give us advance notice. Well behaved dogs on leads are permitted onto the South Downs but please be aware there is live stock on all our flying sites.



Here at Fly Sussex Paragliding we pride ourselves on being the only full time paragliding school in the UK who flies all year round 7 days a week (weather depending). We have even been know to fly on Christmas day! The ideal weather conditions are light winds with no persistent rain.



A massive advantage of learning to paraglide with Fly Sussex is we have all our own private training sites dotted around the beautiful South Downs national park. This enables you to fly in much safer uncrowded airspace on beginnerfriendly sites. We always begin the lesson at our shop on near Lewes on the A27, check out a map of where we are.

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  • Booking form
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By email:

Select email voucher and once a member of our team have checked your order we will email you a PDF voucher, booking form and link to download the brochure. Please bring a copy of your voucher and completed booking form with youon the day you fly.

Are you buying the voucher as a gift? If you would like a copy of the voucher sent directly to the recipient please include their email address in the field marked recipient email. You can then select a date for the voucher to be emailed out to them.


BHPA Membership:

We are a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) approved and regulated school, therefore all students must be a member of the BHPA whilst training. BHPA membership gives you third party cover. The cost of this is included in the voucher. First party insurance is optional and can be taken out on the day when signing in. Please note that all one day paragliding vouchers are valid for nine months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable.


When do we start?
Don’t forget to call 01273 858170 after 7.30pm the evening before your booking and listen to the voicemail message for confirmation and start time for the following days flying. We will specify a time to meet at our shop which varies according to the weather forecast. If the weather prevents us from flying then just rebook. Please be aware the start and finish times vary according to the weather on the day.
What do I bring?
Paperwork: Please bring your voucher and completed booking form. We will need to check your voucher reference number off our records so it is important you bring the voucher with you on the day.
Attire: Comfortable clothing and suitable footwear (ie walking boots). Gloves and layers are a must on cold days. Suncream and sunhat are also a good idea.
Lunch: We also recommend bringing plenty to eat and drink, you’ll need at least a litre of water and plenty of snacks as learning to fly is physically demanding. Please note there are no shops near our base or on the flying sites so you will need to bring something from home.
Can’t make it?
You must give us at least 48 hours notice to cancel your booking. Failure to show up will result in you losing your day with us as your instructor will be waiting for you.
British Hang gliding and Paragliding association:
The flyer will need to join the BHPA on the first day of the course. The BHPA provide third party insurance which is mandatory. If you are already a member please bring your membership card so we can take a note in your training log book.
If you would like to take out personal accident cover then you will need to organise this on the morning of your course. Feel free to enquire with an instructor while signing in.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Check out our FAQs

Been there and got the T-shirt!

When ordering your paragliding voucher you have the choice to add a Fly Sussex T-shirt for a reduced price. When you come to fly on the day you can pick your perfect tee! Fly Sussex Tee

6 reviews for Tandem Flight Voucher

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry Henson

    The First Flight is the Steepest

    Tim of tousled hair, weather beaten face commands the crew.
    Parking the car in shady lane, then, out into the sunlight
    Walking the winding track to God’s country far up and away.
    Those fleet of foot and young of age stride upwards on stony track
    But I, of older years, then turn, then turn, then turn back as if to see the view
    But stop each time to catch great gulps of Sussex air,
    The summit elusive as ever.
    ‘Are we nearly there’ echoes in memory of younger years.
    At last, at last I turn and see the steep sheep trod escarpment
    Rolling on to bronze brown wheat fields and beyond to salty sea.
    Floating birds ride the up-drafts, hitching rides on thermal air.

    Too late now for change of mind. Slack-bottomed harness safely fastened-
    Yes my bum does look big in this.
    Brief intro ” Your pilot for today, Jesse ” young enough to be my granddaughter.
    Do all pilots look so young?
    It’s safety time.
    Tap the helmet, check the thighs, testicles, spectacles, wallet and watch.
    No time to pray.
    Facing windwards, arms out front, we pick a focus spot.
    Wait, wait, wait for the backwards tug, run back then run, run forwards
    With a great rush now, no feet on ground.
    The land descends. No time to look, commanding voice echoes in my head as wind pulls at my ears.
    In that blink of time we climb the sky.
    ‘Hook your thumbs,adjust your seat, sit back, arms behind the harness, look forward to the rising clouds”, my smiley pilot’s voice commands.
    Now firmly nestled in her thighs, secure as in a child’s sling, we rise again.
    Time now to feel this first time thrill of flight. A new experience of life’s joy begins.

    Horizon expands.
    Now far below, the farmer cuts his golden wheat, mountain bikers ride the ridge, walkers clamber stiles, cars glint in sunlight, silver-ribboned rivers flow.
    And I am the spy in their sky.

    Joy to ride the wind, feel the thermals pull us higher, higher towards the clouds.
    “Cross your legs, lean into the turn. Force your bum into the sling”
    Turn, turn, this way, then that.
    Freedom, free at last of earthly ties we fly into the summer sun.
    Secure am I in stranger’s lap.
    I glance to see my pilot now, shades reflective, peaky helmet,
    My biker who rides the sky.
    No girly-girl despite the plaits, she rides the wind in full control.
    Time flies and I, feather-light, return to ground.
    Un-hook, detach, with pounding heart I hug
    My sky-rider.
    Now I can sit and watch others’ flights and thrills.
    I glow, I glow inside from this my first flight.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Bound

    Fantastic experience with Jess at the helm. Two 10-minute flights were brilliant.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lucy Hudson

    Please convey my thanks to everyone down there, I had a fantastic time on my 1 day introduction course and to have 2 tandem flights above the cliffs during the day was beyond what I had expected and was a real thrill! I will certainly be booking again as soon as possible! Looking forward to my next trip down to you. Cheers!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Theed

    Best team of extremely knowledgable people. Amazing experience

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lesley Kilner

    Had a wonderful morning doing several tandem flights over beautiful Sussex. Thank you Jess for explaining everything so clearly and in an encouraging manner. I’m fully intending to do more flying when life quietens down a bit.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just wanted to say huge thanks for a fantastic tandem flight a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Jenny for making me feel at ease and making the whole experience a happy one. I would have no qualms about doing it again as it’s the most amazing experience so peaceful and tranquil
    The whole team were helpful and friendly, all the best guys

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