Skywalk Tequila 4 – Small

Skywalk Tequila 4 – Small

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In stock

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Preloved Skywalk Tequila 4

For sale we have a second hand Skywalk Tequila 4 paraglider. This Tequila 4 is in very good condition with service report.

  • Size: Small 75-95kg
  • Colour: Red & White
  • Condition: Good
  • Approx 50 hours
  • Year of manufacture: 2014
  • EN B – good for beginner / intermediate pilots
  • One tiny repair(1cm tear) with tape which you will not even notice(its hard enough to find when you look for it
  • Comes with original skywalk bag and rucksack

What Skywalk say…

It’s good to know that there is a glider that meets all your requirements – the TEQUILA 4 is the right glider for your first flights after training, for pleasure flights in thermals and even for setting new records. The combination of safety, manoeuvrability and performance are unique in this class. Whether it’s thermalling at your home site or long XC flights in the flatlands and mountains – with the TEQUILA 4 you’re always on top. The very direct and smooth handling of our intermediate will impress you from the first moment you take to the air. Its great glide performance and high top speed for the EN / LTF-B-class will constantly amaze you. This is pure flying fun! Whether you’re a talented beginner or an XC pilot: the TEQUILA was and is an excellent choice for a wide range of pilots.


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