AustriAlpin TROPOS Hang Glider Karabiner

//AustriAlpin TROPOS Hang Glider Karabiner

AustriAlpin TROPOS Hang Glider Karabiner


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AustriAlpin TROPOS Hang Glider Karabiner

Steel hang glider karabiner with screwgate and interlock mechanism.

The AustriAlpin troops hang gliding karabiner is designed specifically for your hang glider main hang point. The new tropos karabiner is constructed from steel with a durable zinc coating, it features an interlocking connection and screw gate. Parallel surfaces support webbing widths up to 30mm. The interlocking connection on the AustriAlpin Tropos prevents annoying hooking when attaching and removing the karabiner. To prevent loading in a transverse direction, the Tropos karabiner should be fixed to the harness sling so that it does not rotate. The AustriAlpin TROPOS Hang Glider Karabiner is the replacement for the Delta which went out of production in Novemebr 2014.

Minimum breaking load 32kN. CE Certified.

Weight: 230g

AustriAlpin Art. Nr. FD01A

You can check out the manual for more instructions.


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