U-turn Infinity 4

U-turn Infinity 4


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U-turn Infinity 4

The Uturn Infinity 4 is a low EN-B glider, perfect as a first wing as well as a safe and comfortable for more experienced pilots. The wing turns efficiently, soars and thermals easily taking away the fear of going down. The handling on the ground as well as in the air is smooth and precise.

The ongoing numerical sequendce may make you think that the INFINITY 4 (LTF/EN-B) is an advancemend, but on the contrary it is a completely newly designed glider. What stayed is the sweet-tempered characteristic what is typical for the INFINITY. With the purposeful constructive changes Ernst Strobl managed to make the INFINITY 4 fly agile, flexible and fast, but at the same time particularly safe. The Basis for that is a new profile which combines exceptional soar features with high tolerance. These good features were also confirmed with the results of the tests at the certification.

The INFINITY 4 is aimed at talented beginners and is perfectly suitable for ascenders and switchers. The INFINITY 4 is offering the perfect Mix out of very good performance with maximum security cushion. It likes to turn and is also turning weak thermic circumstances efficiently in to height; this also makes the glider attractive to mature pilots with route ambition. The potential of the wing are proofed by the impressing good season-results of the experienced XC-pilot Benjamin Becker, who was getting attention from all over the world with his INFINITY 4 this year.

The High-Tech-concept of the wing is already noticeable in the starting features of the glider. Because of the reduced line concept and the low canopy weight the INFINITY 4 fills itself very easily and is soaring consistently and reliable without tendency to dive forward. During the flight it is converting control pulses fast and precisely and is taking care that the break gathering system (BGS), positively influences the braking characteristics. Exact feedback, outraging measurability and high impact are qualifying the system.

All in all the INFINITY 4 is standing for great flight fun with high cushions while being secure and powerful equally. Although the glider is combining all advantages of a low-B certification, you will be surprised by it’s power.

Uturn Infinity 4 comes in 5 sizes and 3 colours

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