Uturn Spirit


U-turn Spirit

The U-Turn Spirit is a light weight, reversible harness, specifically made for hike and fly. The sitting position is comfortable and long XC flights can easily be done, the goal was not to make a harness as light as possible, but to make a harness really safe, comfortable and tear proof, light enough to carry up mountains.

The SPIRIT stands for the free flying, so everything that’s not strengthening the functionality was being waived. The SPIRIT doesn’t have seat boards but is equipped with a single-leg-suspension, which is catering for more freedom of movement and causing a more direct feedback. U-Turn is setting great value upon the biggest possible protection – so the SPIRIT is despite the extreme light-weight-design, equipped with an accumulated-air-airbag which can be zipped off. Additional the very generous back upholstery is supporting and strengthening the protection. The backpack is offering storage space for the whole Hike&Fly-equipment which is sufficiently protected by the robust outside material. An ergonomical load bearing system with generous padding guarantees optimized load arrangement. Material loops with elastic band and outside pockets are offering additional opportunities.

The minimal weight and optimized pack size also make it a favored travelling companion. The single-leg-suspension also make it an interesting option for tandem pilots.

The Spirit comes in 1 size


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