Woody Valley X Rated 7

Woody Valley X Rated 7


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The Woody Valley X-Rated 7 is a top of the range racing harness. Top paragliding competition pilots will benefit from a wide range of innovative technologies for easy handling, aerodynamics and comfort.

Fully redesigned, the Woody Valley X-Rated 7 has overcome today’s limits, making possible what until now has been impossible.

Woody Valley X-Rated 7 Features:

  • Equipped with a consolidated forget-proof “Mini T-Lock” leg strap system.
  • Two emergency parachute containers under the seat, fully redesigned for optimum aerodynamics and quick opening.
  • “Anti-G” braking parachute pocket built into the back and with barycentric constraint karabiner.
  • Housing for Safety Knife1 built into the side pocket (Safety Knife sold separately).
  • Harness sensitivity can be adjusted for better piloting in all situations thanks to this modern adjustable stabilisation system.
  • Highly refined, aerodynamic inflatable rear.
  • Easily interchangeable inflation valves.
  • Ratchet pulley with return brake to ease strain and protection to prevent jamming.
  • The upper part of the protection can be removed without compromising safety.
  • Bottom is highly resistant to abrasion in Cordura®1500.
  • Pee tube
  • Front pockets with safety loops for radios and cameras
  • Larger cockpit provided with hole for Power Bank cable passage
  • Large elastic material side pockets
  • Camel-bag container


Woody Valley X-Rated 7  Technical data:

Certification LTF
Type of closing strap system  Get-Up with T-Lock system
Type of back protection Foam protection with 14 cm diameter
LTF certification No. EAPR-GZ- 0541/16
Working load 120 daN
Size M L XL
Weight*  7,1 Kg  7,7 Kg  8,5 Kg
Karabiner-seat distance  47 cm  49,5 cm  53,5 cm
Karabiner-to-karabiner distance (min. max.)  40/51 cm
Dimensions of carbon seat plate
Rear width 25,8 cm 27,5 cm 29,7 cm
Front width 23,3 cm 24,8 cm 26,8 cm
Depth 32,5 cm 34,6 cm 37,4 cm
Lower ballast capacity 6,3 litri 7,8 litri 9,8 litri
Rescue container Double rescue container under the seat; optional front rescue parachute
Volume of the intended rescue system containers 4000-10000 ccm
Higher ballast capacity 6,5 litri

*Total weight, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners and protection.


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