Paragliding Lessons

At Fly Sussex, we provide paragliding lessons and courses all year round. We are proud to be the UK’s longest-established paragliding school, with 27 years’ experience.

We have run thousands of paragliding lessons over the years, teaching everyone from total beginners to British, European and World Champions.

During your first lesson, we aim to get you flying solo by early afternoon. We start off low on the ground and gradually move higher up the hill, allowing you to fly higher and for longer as you grow in skill and confidence. How many times you fly depends only on time, the weather and your willingness to take to the skies. You can buy a one-day taster session on our website or by calling us on 01273 858170.

But that’s just the first step. Take one of our paragliding courses and we will teach you how to soar like a bird and, eventually, fly unsupervised whenever the conditions are right.

The Elementary Pilot course consists of five paragliding lessons, which can be taken at your convenience. During these sessions, we will teach you how to plan your flights, and control your glider during launches and landings. There is a brief exam at the end of the EP course, but don’t worry, you will also receive theory lectures to ensure that you pass with flyin