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Advance BiBeta 6 Tandem


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Advance BiBeta 6

The Advance BiBeta 6 is a tandem wing designed to be fun for the pilot whilst still providing maximum ease and safety. The lines are easy to separate and sort, and the glider launches evenly, making the take-off quick for pilot and passenger. 

From only 6.7 kg, but strong and long-lived

The BIBETA 6 is a completely new design and now comes in two sizes, 38 and 41. Line sorting is a breeze. Give the three-liner risers a shake and the lines separate; sorting is quickly done. The canopy rises evenly without overshooting, and passenger and pilot are soon airborne. In flight the BIBETA 6 responds directly and precisely to the smallest brake input. Comfortable brake loading and perfect flare behaviour complete the satisfying experience. Reinforced sliced diagonals, crossing rods in the leading edge, broad-gauge lines and strengthened support points give this working tandem a specially long life. But despite the strong design the wing packs up small and weighs a sensationally low 6.95 kg for the 41.

High strength Magix Pro Aramid lines

The BIBETA 6 mostly has uncovered Magix Pro Aramid lines by Edelrid, the German high quality maker. New technology and complex finishing processes give this High-End product 20 % more strength, 17 % better kink and bending resistance as well as longer life – compared to equivalent covered lines. The Aramid lines are extremely stable in length and easy to sort by their colour coding. Their outstanding resistance to water and dust means that they do not need special handling. Detailed information about the lines can be found on this website or in the Line Guide.

Advance BiBeta 6 comes in two sizes and two colours

BIBETA 6 38 41
Flat surface m2 38.1 40.8
Recommended takeoff weight kg 100-180 120-225
Glider weight kg 6.7 6.95
Aspect ratio 5.45 5.45
Projected aspect ratio 4 4
Number of cells 53 53
Number of risers 3+1 3+1
Max length of the risers cm 32 32
Certification EN / LTF B EN / LTF B
Trimmers yes yes


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