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Advance Iota DLS



Advance Iota DLS


The IOTA DLS is the high performance XC specialist – through and through. With this High-B wing you can enjoy maximal flying comfort over very long distances. Now constructed with DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE, the IOTA DLS qualifies as a light wing. This development progress starts a new era – without compromising robustness or long life.


Genuine performance

The profile’s excellent pitch stability retains energy, which transfers to performance, especially in turbulent air. The 4 % reduction of total line surface area further improves performance, as does extensive 3×3D shaping. This results in a perfectly smooth leading edge surface.


Light and for everyday use

The IOTA DLS can weigh as little as 3.75 kg* thanks to its DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE technology. This wing is not just very light: it is also 100 % suitable for everyday use. Its durability and robustness are the same as semi-light products, so the IOTA DLS does not require the special care previously required for light paragliders.


Relaxed flying

Optimized lift distribution and perfectly tuned canopy tensioning mean maximum turbulence absorption. The result is a pleasantly damped canopy without losing the important feedback from the air. Thanks to its very predictable flight behaviour, the IOTA DLS delivers a relaxed flying experience.




DLS combines a number of small but important innovations, which together save a lot of weight. The mix of lightweight and conventional fabrics is now better targeted and additional weight is saved through specific geometric optimisations.



The enhancement of Double-3D-Shaping is called 3×3D-Shaping. The strongly curved and flow-sensitive area of the leading edge is smoothed even more. The result: a wrinkle-free leading edge and a smoother top wing surface for more performance.



The IOTA DLS has a modern pitch control system with C handles. C level inputs are transmitted directly from C to B level so that the wing profile shape is maintained. The glider delivers its full performance potential even when actively controlled by C handles.



The IOTA DLS is equipped throughout with colour-differentiated Pro Dry Lines from Edelrid. This latest generation of uncovered line is a further development of the highly respected 8000 Aramid line and has a 60% higher humidity exclusion factor. This line is extremely stable in length and demonstrates above-average resistance to failure after long use.



IOTA DLS sizes cover the complete glider Ideal Weight Range in 10 to 15 kg steps (small to large wings). Any flying weight occurs within only one glider size, because this range extends progressively through the glider sizes, with no overlaps. These IOTA DLS ideal takeoff weight areas provide the optimal relationship between gliding speed and climb performance for each size in all normal flying conditions, and also take into account the different paraglider size characteristics.




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