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Air Rider´s Weather

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An essential guide to weather written for pilots of paragliders & hang gliders

Air Riders’ Weather is specifically written for pilots of paragliders, hang gliders, sailplanes and balloons…

The Air Riders’ Weather concentrates on weather, wind and air motion occuring in the first few thousand feet of air deck. Including brief coverage of gliding principles to explain the limitations of wing, sail or parafoil, it gives essential information about how to read and adapt to constantly changing conditions. A section devoted to sea breezes will be of particular interest to pilots who travel regularly to coastal areas.

Alan Watts, former forecaster with the Met. Office, has taught aerodynamics for a number fo years and is fully conversant with the challenges of low level flying. He is the author of a successful series of nautical books on weather. We recommend Air Riders’ Weather for all paragliders.

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