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BGD Seed


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BGD Seed

Blown out? Grab a SEED and refine your skills! Ground handling is never a waste of time, even for professionals. You can learn essential skills that directly relate to in the air flying. Deflations, stalls, brake pressure and active piloting can all be practiced while kiting the SEED safely on the ground.

The SEED is the BGD affordable premier training paraglider, made for ground handling only. The SEED was developed from the EN-B EPIC, and acts and feels like a full-size paraglider. It is made from durable 50g cloth and has three risers. It’s a fun accessory for parawaiting at takeoff, practicing kiting, or just goofing around like Spiderman.

I designed the SEED as simple as possible, while keeping the most essential and up-to-date designs features. A strong shark nose, CCB, 3D panel shaping on the lower surface and countless other features make the SEED feel like a normal paraglider. I always say, “good ground handlers make good pilots” so the SEED was produced to teach the most essential skills in a glider small enough to manage even in strong winds. – Bruce Goldsmith

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Linear scaling factor 0.78
Projected area 11.91
Flat area 14.00
Glider weight 2.7 kg
Total line length 194 m
Height 5.2 m
Number of main lines 3/4/3 A/B/C
Cells 31
Flat aspect ratio 4.4
Projected aspect ratio 3.2
Root cord 2.24 m
Flat span 7.94 m
Projected span 6.30 m
In-flight weight range 30-120 kg
Trim speed 45 km/h
Top speed 45 km/h
Min sink 2.0 m/sec
Best glide 5
Certification N.A.




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