BHPA Flight Logbook

Perfect for logging your flights as you progress in your flying career

Whether you’re a paraglider pilot, or flying a 747, you should be keeping a record of your flights. This will help you demonstrate your progress to instructors and coaches as you develop towards Pilot and Advanced Pilot rating, as well as helping you learn as you reflect on your own experience.

The BHPA logbook is specially designed for paraglider and hang glider pilots.

  • Log all your flights in this precise BHPA Flight Logbook.
  • Featuring specific columns designed for paragliding.
  • Designed and produced by the BHPA
  • The official paraglider’s flight logbook
  • The BHPA paragliding flight logbook is recommended for all pilots, in trainingh or qualified, to track and keep accurate records of their flights. A must-have for paragliders!

One of our instructors told us: “I went through my log book from my early flying the other day. It was a real reminder about how much you learn as a new pilot! I’d written about all my doubts about when to use the speed bar, my abilities in assessing the weather conditions and my first thermalling flight at Devil’s Dyke – such valuable experiences in my first year’s flying!”