Product Description

Club Pilot (CP) Paragliding Course

At the end of your course there will be a final assessment to ensure that you are safe to fly in the club environment. This will include a full inspection of your equipment and assessment of your flying ability. It is essential that you finish the course on your own equipment so as to get used to your own gear in a safe and supervised environment.

Equipment purchased outside of the school (new or second hand) will be required to undergo a full inspection and set up. This includes a porosity check, reserve repack (if required), reserve fitting, harness inspection and adjustment. The fee for this service is £200. Equipment purchased from Fly Sussex includes these checks as standard and therefore will not incur a fee.

The five day Club Pilot (CP) paragliding course follows on from the Elementary Pilot course. The CP course is valid for one year from date of purchase. The Club Pilot course is the minimum BHPA rating you will need in order to paraglide anywhere in the world, without an instructor present. During your paragliding course with us we will work towards developing your paragliding skills in order to make you a safe and competent pilot.
The rating that you need in order to paraglide anywhere in the world!


Here at Fly Sussex Paragliding we pride ourselves on being the only full time paragliding school in the UK who flies all year round 7 days a week (weather depending). We have even been know to fly on Christmas day! The ideal weather conditions are light winds (12mph max) with no persistent rain. We recommend you do your training regularly in order to progress through the syllabus. You don’t have to do the days consecutively but you will be a better pilot if you don’t have gaps in your training. The course is valid for one year from the date of purchase.


We have a team of full time BHPA qualified paragliding instructors who have your safety an enjoyment as number one priority.  All our instructors are experienced paragliding pilots who have flown all over the world and are rather obsessed with paragliding! Our chief flying instructor Tim Cox was awarded the Royal Aero club lifetime achievement award for his contribution towards paragliding. Feel free to call or pop in and meet the team and have a chat with one of our instructors.


A massive advantage of learning to paraglide with Fly Sussex is we have all our own private training sites dotted around the beautiful south downs national park. This enables you to fly in much safer uncrowded airspace on beginner friendly sites. We do also use public sites on the club pilot course.

We are one of the UK’s longest running paragliding schools, established for 25 years. Our paragliding shop is based on the A27 outside Lewes, 20 minutes from Brighton and 1 hour from London.


There are two exams to sit on the club pilot course. Don’t worry – our carefully planned lectures will equip you with the theoretical knowledge required to pass.


Because it’s epic andyou’ll never forget it!



We are a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) approved and regulated school, therefore all students must be a member of the BHPA whilst training. BHPA membership gives you third party insurance an allows toy to gain the BHPA Club Pilot rating. The cost of this is not included in the course and will need to be paid for by you. The BHPA fees are £15 per day, £95 for annual or £51 for three month training membership. We can organise BHPA paperwork when you sign in at the shop on your first lesson.