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Digifly AIR (discontinued)


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Digifly AIR

The digifly Air was conceived for competitors, it is the new top of the line, high-resolution display integrated vario. 

Its shape is optimized to the maximum strength; its display offers the best visibility also in bright light conditions and his four big operative keys ensure the best accessibility even wearing big gloves.

The Digifly AIR is sold in a single full functions version, with only two optional choices:

  1. Hang gliding pilots can ask for the installation of the optional pitot tube
  2. Anyone can ask for the installation of the optional GSM-GPRS module needed for the internal Live Tracking, although this is not essential, as the Digifly AIR is equipped with a 4th generation Bluetooth processor able to communicate with every current mobile device, e.g. a smartphone on which you can install, for free, the Live Tracking app XC Soar.

The Digifly Air is entirely designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy; it uses state of the art processors and sensors, including a 99-channel anti jam GPS unit updated 10 times per second.
Air features also a new inertial platform that provides an even more accurate evaluation of the wind direction, improves the sensitivity of the variometer, acts as a G meter for acro pilots and allows to get more precise information from the magnetic compass even at high bank angles of the wing.

The Digifly Air has a high-visibility gray scale display, with a new design that makes it easy a 5D task management. The 5D (Digifly trade mark), is based on an ingenious graphic design and comes from the fusion of 2D and 3D visualizations, allowing the pilot to check at a glance the needed glide ratio and best goto glide during the task; but, this new graphic design will also help the non-competitors to have an immediate idea of needed glide ratio to reach the nearest safe landing.

This instruments display layout is fully customizable also through PC-Mac simply drag and dropping the preferred functions, or even transferring them from a micro SD card or via BT from AIR to AIR. Very soon from this web site you will be able to download the new free VLTools AIR software to manage the AIR tasks, waypoints, tracks and display configurations.

The fast, efficient and full optional AIR software, comes from the Digifly know-how gained during years of competitions support. It is designed in distinct blocks that facilitates to set the instrument, entering waypoints and setting task.

The high resolution display, the wide internal memory space and the surplus of computing capability, will allow to listen and to put into practice all the tips that will come from its users, and as like as for all the Digifly instruments, every one of the future free firmware updates will provide to the AIR pilots a totally perfectly tuned AIR-tool.


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