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Gin G-Chute


Gin G-chute pocket option *

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The Gin G-chute can help you spiral with safety

The Gin G-chute is a small “Anti-G”-type drag parachute that reduces the high G forces you may feel during a spiral dive. This enables you to get a higher rate of descent with fewer turns so you can spiral with confidence.

If you’ve ever felt dizzy or scared in a spiral, an anti-G device like this could be the perfect solution. The G-chute is particularly effective with high aspect ratio wings and is recommended for pilots who fly with competition gliders, but can be used with any glider.

The drogue has a line to the Apex so that you to can depower and pull it in before landing. This is not essential, however.

1 size (1.06m2)

Weight: 300g

Colours may vary from the those shown

You also have the option to add the Gin G-chute pocket which is a deployment bag designed for the Gin G-chute.

The Gin Genie Race 3 comes with an integrated pocket.

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Weight 1 kg


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